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At CIVC Partners, we have learned a lot from the owners and management teams with whom we have partnered. They have taught us that every company's path to success is unique. They have also taught us that they are looking for a financial partner who will talk straight and deal fairly with them, one who does not depend on financial engineering or multiple arbitrage, but one who really knows their business and rolls up their sleeves and works hard to help them build value.

Seasoned Investment Team

In the competitive world of private equity, we acknowledge the need to be more than capital providers. We pride ourselves on being value-added partners to the companies we back and have developed affinity area expertise through hard-earned experiences investing in our targeted sectors and through proactive industry research. Our over 160 years of combined experience in our affinity areas — which include Business Services and Financial Services — provides us with the knowledge base and contacts to drive growth, to quickly identify industry opportunities and threats, to be patient investors and better partners with management, and to deliver industry-specific resources.


Partnering with Management Teams

We do not want to be just another source of capital for our management teams, but true partners. We believe our affinity area focus enables us to do that, as it provides us with a deep understanding of the businesses in which we invest. While CIVC is an active equity partner, we recognize that our principals are not operators. We do not tell our management teams how to run their businesses, but instead we listen to what they need and offer our insight in areas such as strategy, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and access to our extensive network of industry-specific contacts and experts. As a good partner, we respond quickly, seek fair outcomes, and keep our commitments.


Flexible Approach to Investing

CIVC works hard to be a creative and flexible equity partner. We pride ourselves on being known as a group that is balanced and which strives to create win-win solutions for all parties. We do not try to generate our returns through financial engineering, but will optimize the capital structure to support the growth objectives of the business. We are willing to take a majority stake in the business, or to be a minority investor as long as we have a significant stake in the future success of the business. In either case, we are big believers in management having meaningful ownership in the business, and will develop an equity structure that aligns the interests of the management team and CIVC.

CIVC PARTNERS: 191 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 1100, Chicago, IL 60606 | © 2017 CIVC Partners. All Rights Reserved.|CIVC PARTNERS: 191 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 1100, Chicago, IL 60606 | © 2016 CIVC Partners. All Rights Reserved.