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Proven Investment Approach
Based on Affinity Area Focus

For over 25 years, CIVC has actively and consistently invested in select affinity areas, including Business Services and Financial Services. These affinity areas offer CIVC investment opportunities across numerous attractive, high growth niches. We believe this industry focused approach has resulted in our strong historical investment results by creating advantages in selecting and working with portfolio companies to achieve our collective strategic and financial goals.



Seasoned Investment Team

The Partners at CIVC have worked together on average for 20 years and the CIVC team has collectively over 160 years of investing experience. During this time, our people have developed deep industry knowledge through our affinity area approach and a sensitivity to the challenges and opportunities of companies that fit our size and industry criteria. This approach has enabled us to be patient investors over many business cycles, to be better partners for our management teams, and to maximize our contributions to our investments.



Demonstrated Results

By consistently adhering to our strategy for nearly two decades, CIVC has generated strong returns for its investors through varying economic, industry, and financing cycles. Over this period, we have completed 63 investments, representing over $1.6 billion of invested capital, and realized 56 exits. Most important, our realized returns have largely been generated from earnings growth rather than multiple arbitrage or financial engineering. This approach has enabled CIVC to be long term focused and to deliver more consistent returns over time.

Quick Facts  
  • Founded in 1970, current investment approach established in 1989

  • Leading middle market private equity firm with affinity area expertise in Business Services and Financial Services

  • Over $1.6 billion invested in 63 portfolio companies since 1989
  • Current management team in place since 1989

  • Over 160 years of private equity experience among CIVC investment professionals

  • Based in Chicago, Illinois
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